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Well, three conventions down, three more to go.  I had a blast at Balticon, Con Carolinas, and Salty Bay Con. Check out my blogs on some of the panels I participated in.  I’ve got a bit of a break before the next cons, my old-time favorites, Gen Con in Indianapolis and Dragon Con in Atlanta, both in August. Fall takes me back to Tampa to Necronomicon, one of the first cons I ever attended. If you’ll be attending any of these cons, please look me up so we can have a chat. I love meeting fans!

Always busy, I’m working frantically on the manuscript for Weapon of Vengeance, the third book in the Weapon of Flesh Trilogy, and expect to release it THIS MONTH (July). Just released was Blood & Iron, the novella I wrote for Privateer Press, and already an excellent review. Have I said lately that I love my fans?

Don’t forget that many of my books are in the Kindle Matchbook program. Buy a paperback, and get the ebook for less than half price!

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