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Well, here’s something I never thought would happen: I’m a character in someone’s novel!

My dear friend, Jana Oliver is coming out bigtime with her new novel, The Demon Trapper’s Daughter, and evidently she needed a middle aged, goteed, pony-tailed, demon trapper named Jackson.  Well, I am flattered beyond belief, though I’m a little nervous, too.  Jana promised me that I’m not a jerk (at least in her story) and that I’m not the villain, other than that, she could make no promises.  eep!

Seriously, I’m kind of liking this, and am interested what the character does.   I have never used “real” people as characters, though some of the characters in Scimitar Moon are patterned after the old salty fishermen that I grew up with.  I would never have the courage to use anyone’s name, for certain, but Jana and I are close enough that I don’t mind at all.  She did not pattern the character after me other than name and appearance, so he could be anything… very interested to see how this comes out.

Jana’s novel is coming out in the UK and US in early 2011, and is available on pre-order, so drop by her website and have a look!

will debut February 1, 2011 from St. Martin’s Press.

will debut January 7, 2011 from Macmillan in the UK


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  1. Hey, thanks Chris. I promise I won’t put “my” Jackson in high heels and a skirt. Unless the story calls for it. (wink).

    Thanks for being such a good sport.

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