As writers we should always seek inspiration.  That is a given.

When a writer becomes isolate to the point that he or she only feeds on his or her own thoughts, I think the creative process suffers.  My opinion, once again.  Literature is rife with examples to the contrary, of course, but I am speaking of my own experience.  I have to get out, experience, play, see, watch, do, to really get my creative juices going.

Or, sometimes, all I have to do is click.

I am utterly convinced that the internet is the greatest boon to a writer since the dictionary.  A friend of mine threw a link to me for David Brin’s website.  Brin is a consummate author, ruinously intelligent and a fountain of imagination, and his blog is a true joy.  He recently did a “Potpourri time” piece where he throws out some interesting facts for everyone to enjoy.  One that caught my eye, and my mind was this New York Times piece on vastly different phenomenon that show similar patterns.

Okay, boys and girls, if this doesn’t get your creative juices flowing, check your pulse.

I immediately started thinking about my pseudo-humorous theory in Cheese Runners that the universe is a living thing, and that it doesn’t particularly like us.  Well, here’s my evidence… well, really I hope not, but it sounds pretty cool.

So no big moral or hint on this one, except to find inspiration where you can, and enjoy life outside your own little world.  You never know what might jump up and bite you on your imagination.

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