ReConStruction (10th NASFiC)

We just returned from the ReConStruction convention in Raleigh, NC.  A long haul in a rented car (1800 miles) and a fairly small convention, but well worth it.  Rarely do I attend a convention where the panel discussions were so well-attended and fun!

Specifically, the “Day in the life of a writer” with Eric Flint, Walter H Hunt, Lawrence M Schoen and Mark Van Name, was very rewarding… seems no two writers do anything the same!

I did two different editing panels, one on editing as a necessary evil; meaning if you are an author, you better get used to being edited to survive, and one on revisions with my dear friend Jana Oliver, Jack McDevitt, the brilliant Edward M. Lerner, and Stanley Schmidt, editor of Analog.  The discussion was high spirited, with some goodnatured disagreements on what should and should not be done at the behest of an editor, and where does revision stop and editing start.  Once again, as many opinions and methods as there were authors.

And finally, I had the great honor of sitting on a panel with Joe Haldeman titled The Correct Space.  This was basically a rant by all those present on the great mistakes of SF authors and Hollywood directors everywhere, and why it is so important to at least get the mainstream details right.  Yes, we write fiction, but it has to be as accurate as we can make it if we have any hope of suspending disbelief.

So Thanks to the coordinators of ReConStruction, and all those I sat on panels with but did not have space to mention.


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  1. As usual, it was a pleasure to see you again! The panel was a blast. Six authors, six different ways of doing their job. And all valid. So much for the “there’s only way to create a book” theory.

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