Necronomicon, St. Petersburg, FL; A great little “small town” convention.

The three ingredients for a great convention: an inspiring city, great people, and a worthy cause. For 29 years the people of Stone Hill Science Fiction Association in Tampa, FL have been putting on a great convention. For the last four years, it has been held in the downtown Hilton, in St. Petersburg Florida, and let me tell you, with the new Dali museum,


Dali Museum, St. Pete

and the new Chihuly museum both just right down the street, a great city marina, where we stayed with friends aboard a classic wooden sail boat, a great charity, Kids and Canines, benefitting from the convention, and a wonderful bunch of people taking care of all the details, what a great little convention!

We try to do this convention every year, as much to meet old friends and see our old stomping grounds as anything else, and we always come away with the same feeling that we are so lucky to be associated with such a great convention. The benefitting charity, Kids and Canines

Kids and Canines

, places trained service dogs with special needs kids, and they always bring their charges along for much fun and costuming. Author guests, David Gerrold, and Richard Lee Byers, as well as yours truly, and many local authors, artists, gamers and game designers, as well as a host of scientists and vendors always make sure there is plenty to do. We had panels on such a wide range of topics (pirates, zombies, science, publishing and taking your writing to audio, among others) that Chris was busy for a week before the con just doing research!

We had little time to see the great Dali and Chihuly museums (amazing new building designed for the Dali) but they will be there next year as well, so this is one we will try not to miss! So if you’re in the south next fall, look us up or give us a call! Or just remember: Necronomicon!


Necronomicon, St. Petersburg, FL; A great little “small town” convention. — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Chris,

    I was unable to attend Necro this year, but I agree, it’s a great convention–talented authors, interesting panels, inspiring art, and the nicest people you will ever meet. I hope to go next year, (fingers crossed.) I miss you guys!


  2. Really missed you, Tracy! I don’t think we’ll make next year, since we’re going to be in the Caribbean for about 18 months… We will fly back for DragonCon, and the release of Scimitar’s Heir, but other than that, we’re only “here” electronically.



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