Ysabel, a wonderful contemporary fantasy with a YA feel.

Ysabel was a wonderful read, with well thought out and “real” characters that you will fall in love with. The story is simple and complex at the same time, and is what most contemporary fantasy wishes it could be. None of the intelligence-insulting flash bang that has inundated the genre, but honest to goodness story telling, with a real YA feel, though it is not marketed as a YA novel (thank you).
Kay does go a little thick with his quirky little humor quips occasionally, and his characters all fall into the same mold there, which is not very realistic, but it does not bog down the read. He gets into the head of a 15 year old boy very well, with all the fears and insecurities intact, and, of course, there is the gawky romantic attempts that leave you remembering all those uncomfortable moments of your youth…
All together a wonderful and highly recommended read! 4 out of 5 stars!

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