Brother Odd, predictable but worth the read.

Brother Odd (Odd Thomas, #3)Brother Odd by Dean Koontz

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This third in the series is another solid hit. Better than number two, but still not quite the caliber of the first in the series. The end of this one is a little predictable, but there is some solid plotting and the banter is some of the most entertaining I’ve read anywhere.

Koontz has really done his research, I’ll give him that. His detail oriented quips are priceless and their delivery is so dead pan that it leaves me gasping. The only weakness I can see is the basic predictability of the plot. No real huge surprises… There was only one point that really irritated me when he went into the easiest cop out ever: “Then I died, ripped limb from limb…” then “Oh, I lied…” Come on, Dean, you can do better than that…

All said, I’ll be looking for #4 when I get back to the states…

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