Silent War should have stayed silent…

The Silent War (The Grand Tour; also Asteroid Wars)The Silent War by Ben Bova

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Rather disappointing in the characterization department, and the story seems to be stilted. Bova writes clean, crisp, hard SF, but when the characters aren’t right, that’s not enough. A lot of incoherent thought and action. I also find it difficult to buy that a raving maniac could ever reach the position of CEO of the biggest corporation and, and richest man in the solar system.

One thing he nailed, however, is the idea that if and when corporations reach an environment (the asteroid belt, in this instance)that they can exploit without any governmental intervention, disaster will be, and has been in the past, the inevitable result. I don’t really see the CEOs of big corporations making decisions that will make or break the corporations based on personal desires really working, however. That’s what boards of directors are for. They also, if they have any savvy at all, do not hire drug-addicted, psychotic, mass murderers as their heads of their quasi-military space fleets.

Sorry, Ben, but you lost me…

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