Odd Hours is hours of fun!

Odd Hours (Odd Thomas, #4)Odd Hours by Dean Koontz

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With this, the fourth in the Odd series, Koontz is back in top form. He has gotten away from the unbelievable coincidences that plagued Forever Odd, and the mad scientist schtick that bothered me in Brother Odd. Granted, the hero stepping into a plot to nuke cities and assassinate the president are a bit of a stretch, but I still loved this book. Great banter, good bad guys, spooky happenings that have no real explanation or bearing on the story… all excellent. His prose is a joy to read, and the protagonist’s inner turmoil is well portrayed. Looking forward to much, much more…

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Odd Hours is hours of fun! — 3 Comments

  1. Hey Chris I met you at gen con and I am currently reading Weapon of Flesh. I had a question for you about the kitchen maid or whatever she may become named Wiggin. I am taking a class called great books at K-State focusing on Arthurian romances. Anyways the first story we read was about an actual knight named William Marshal, he was a hero on the tournament circuits of the late 12th century. He however never learned his letters, so various members of his staff always did those sorts of things for him, he had a cook named Wighan who tallied up all his winnings and records for him. Is this just a crazy coincidence or what? When I write I always seem to get stuck on what to name the character I have just introduced, do you have any tips on naming?

    I am enjoying the book so far. I look forward to reading the other two I picked up from you.
    have a good one

    • Hi Robert, and it is a crazy coincidence… I’ve never heard the story of William Marshal’s cook… Hmmm… Maybe I was channeling. I got accused of naming her after Ender, but wasn’t thinking of that one either. I generally make names up as I go, and sometimes change them if need be. I have fun with them sometimes, but they seem to just come to me… I always tell people that I write about real people in a fantasy world… maybe they are real…

      Enjoy the stories and thanks for the post!

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