Plague of Shadows is a rollicking ride

Pathfinder Tales: Plague of ShadowsPathfinder Tales: Plague of Shadows by Howard Andrew Jones

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Solid four stars for Howard Andrew Jones on this rollicking high-fantasy story! Aside from a few characterization issues that are probably simple personal preferences on my part, no real flaw in the story, I truly enjoyed this fantasy “Quest Perilous” romp. Based in Paizo’s world of Golarion, where the Pathfinder Tales novels all take place (it is a truly vast and rich environment, and one I have often played in myself) the story centers around a “rescue” plot with so many twists and turns that it leaves you breathless.

The ending is a little too “happy” for me, but I’m a little bent that way… I like dark, sad endings that bring tears to your eyes, and this one was a little too sweet…though not too “good”.

I’ll be looking for more from Howard, and already have more of the Pathfinder Tales on my desk…

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