Elminster Must Die, but it’s hardly the end!

Elminster Must DieElminster Must Die by Ed Greenwood

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ed Greenwood is a master storyteller, creator of one of the most detailed and entertaining worlds (the Forgotten Realms), shared among many authors. His characters are funny and engaging, his plots are complex and interesting and the setting… well the setting has produced more novels than any single setting that I am aware of in the history of Fantasy or SF. For a listing of just novels and anthologies (not gaming supplements) check out the wiki here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_For…

I only made one mistake in reading this novel, and that is I have not read the previous ones in this series. I recommend that you do. The novel stands alone, but you would enjoy it more, I think, if you start from the beginning. There are only seven before this one…

The tale strikes me as sad in spots, for it delves into the problematical situation of the aging and failing archmage dealing with his own dismal future, and his own inability to perform any real magic whatsoever without devolving into a (literally) barking-mad, drooling idiot. There is pain in his realization that his long life is coming to a close, and his abilities are failing. But there is hope, for he has found a heir to carry on his work, one who might just be as daring, desperate and devilishly clever as he is.

Highest rating for this swords and sorcery romp! Well done, fair bard, well done indeed!

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