Chris A. Jackson Website Update

So, how do you like the new website? I hadn’t really changed the old one in years. My wife Anne decided that she was up to the task, and developed this site. We decided on a nautical theme to complement my current major project, the Scimitar Seas novels. She’s still figuring out WordPress, so if you find a glitch, please email us.

My blog topics will include writing and publishing in general, as well as the specifics of my current and upcoming projects; providing notice of book signing and con appearances; book reviews; gaming; and issues that just catch my eye.

Anne will also be contributing blogs to this site. Her topics will include website development, book marketing, writing/editing with your spouse (we co-authored the Cornerstones Trilogy), her own freelance writing, and anything else remotely related to our publishing that she finds of interest.

Take a few minutes to look around. We’ll be adding to and tweaking the site for a while yet. If you have any suggestions for blogs you’d like to see, email me. And finally, I LOVE comments, so comment to your heart’s content.


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