Author Website Design: Instant WordPress

WWW iconFor developing the new website, I decided to use WordPress: it’s free, well-supported, and has many easy-to-use templates, plugins and widgets. Generally, you install WordPress on your hosting site, and work with it there. There were two reasons I didn’t want to work online.  First: I don’t have consistent, hi-speed internet access, so working online can be a frustrating series of wait…wait…wait then go!go!go intervals. It wouldn’t have taken long for me to throw in the towel. Second, the old website was still up and running, and I didn’t want to risk somehow screwing it up with my new-site manipulations. Fortunately, I found reference to Instant WordPress, a free program that replicates the WordPress experience right on your computer, so you can play to your heart’s content without having to be online. Note: You will need internet access to download templates, plugins, etc., before you can use them in Instant WordPress, but those are generally quick downloads, and once you’ve got them, you can disconnect. Using Instant WordPress, I tried out different templates, designed all my pages, tested plugins and widgets, and figured out how to maneuver around the program dashboard. I enjoyed the learning experience, and I think the product is better for that. By the time I went online, I was thoroughly familiar with the program and set the website up quickly and efficiently. Conclusion: I highly recommend using Instant WordPress if you don’t already know how to use WordPress.

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