The God Catcher will Catch You Up!

The God Catcher (Forgotten Realms: Ed Greenwood Presents Waterdeep, #5)The God Catcher by Erin M. Evans
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Erin M. Evans’ debut novel, The God Catcher, a Forgotten Realms—Ed Greenwood presents Waterdeep—story, is a wonderful tale that will catch you up in its magic and take you on a wonderful journey. I think I liked it best because it was a completely character driven experience. The city of Waterdeep is a delightful setting, and the plot is just twisty enough without being confusing, but the characters are what truly bring the tale to life. The plight of a girl with a past she doesn’t want, a future that is torn away from her and an unusual house guest pulls you in and never lets go to the very last page.

As is often the case with shared world fiction, there is a moment of feeling like one has walked into the middle of a movie in the beginning of the novel, especially if one is not well-versed in the world, but this quickly passes as you fall in love with the characters. I’ll stress that one need not have read any of the other Forgotten Realms novels to enjoy this tale, but if you have, this will no doubt enrich your read. Ed Greenwood’s world of the Forgotten Realms is deep and rich and detailed beyond belief, but instead of confusing the reader with unnecessary facts and descriptions, Ms. Evans gives you just enough if you are a Forgotten Realms junkie, and not too much if you are not. This is a classic tale of “Do not meddle in the affairs of Dragons” and you are truly biting your nails by the final chapter.

I will be looking for more from you, Erin, and I know you won’t disappoint! Bravo!

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