Brimstone Angles is another winner from Erin M. Evans!

Brimstone Angels: A Forgotten Realms NovelBrimstone Angels: A Forgotten Realms Novel by Erin M. Evans
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another winner by Erin M. Evans! She writes such wonderful characters… I immediately fell in love with the two tiefling girls. She writes seventeen year old girls that sound and act like… well… seventeen year old girls! They are like every pair of twins I have ever known – one out of control who is secretly fragile and one pensive and more thoughtful, but strong underneath.

The plot (no spoilers) is complex and engaging, with just the right amount of serendipity and (holy crap would you look at that) moments. There is not a “Oh come on!” scene in the entire novel! The devils act like devils, and the prejudice against a couple of girls with devil blood (not to mention the horns) is well done, and speaks volumes about what is happening to those of us who are the focus of such blind prejudice.

But more than a comment on society, morality (or the semblance of it) and prejudice, Brimstone Angles is the one thing it was meant to be: an engaging and entertaining romp in a rich and wonderful world of magic and mayhem (BTW: thanks for that world, Ed!)

I’m currently reading the sequel, Lesser Evils, on an advanced review, and will have my take out very soon!

Well done, Erin! More please!!

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