Blood of the City, Another Pathfinder Winner!

Pathfinder Tales: Blood of the CityPathfinder Tales: Blood of the City by Robin D. Laws
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Laws has come up with another winner with this new Pathfinder Tales novel. Without giving too much away, the main character goes through such a drastic evolution that it hits the reader like a thunderbolt. Character is king in this awesome story of a different kind of Druid (RPG Druid, mind you), one that is attuned not to nature, but to the living, breathing heartbeat and song of a city. His descriptions of the link between this young woman and the city, how she draws power from it, is enthralling. He really brings both the city and the character to life.
This is one Pathfinder Tales novel that, though not really necessary, would benefit the reader to have some knowledge of Paizo’s RPG world of Golarion. Not geographic knowledge, but political knowledge. There is a LOT going on here that might fly over your head if you have no idea what powers are in play, but having said that, I still think Blood of the City would be an enjoyable read for non-gamers. And who knows, it might turn you on to a whole new and very fun world of adventure.
Looking forward to more from Robin D. Laws!

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