Watch Where You Click: Scam Alert

Well, this is disturbing. I was setting up some searches today and noticed that a picture of me at a con with my table of books had been posted on one of those sites where you upload photos to share. The first curious thing was that it was an old photo – I think it was taken at Necronomicon, a terrific con in the Tampa Bay area, but one that I haven’t been able to attend for the past few years. Also, there were only six titles on the table; I’m currently up to 13 (including anthologies). Anyway, there was a link to an unknown site to download Weapon of Flesh. Now I was suspicious. After cautiously checking out the links, I found that it led to Download Provider, a scam that apparently has come and gone a few times. The deal seems to be that you sign up for a $1.99 trial membership, but they automatically charge you $69.95 for an annual membership. There are complaints about it all over the web.  I don’t know how my picture and book became associated with this, but please don’t fall for it! Always order your e-books from a reputable online retailer or publisher.

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