Noah Stacey Agrees to Design Book Cover for Weapon of Blood

We are so excited! Noah Stacey, the artist responsible for the covers of Weapon of Flesh, Deathmask, A Soul for Tsing, and the Cornerstones Trilogy, has agreed to do the book cover for Weapon of Blood, the sequel to Weapon of Flesh. This is a big deal for us, because the main purpose of a book cover is to catch the reader’s eye, and Noah’s artwork excels at that. At conventions, people do double-takes when they see our big, glossy posters of the Weapon of Flesh and Deathmask covers. Many come over to discuss the artwork, and end up buying the books. Many also come back to say they they loved the contents of the book as much as the cover art. Check out some of Noah’s other work here.

Weapon of Flesh cover Deathmask cover A Soul for Tsing cover Zellohar cover Nekdukarr cover Jundag cover

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