Weapon of Flesh on Amazon.de: Our First Foreign Review is Five Stars!

Weapon of Flesh on Amazon_deTo our great excitement, Weapon of Flesh has caught on in the Kindle store on the German Amazon site, with increasing sales and a five-star review. Here it is:

Alles, was gute Fantasy ausmacht

Tief verborgen in der Festung Krakengut Keep, hat der Magier Corillian die perfekte Waffe erschaffen. Ein junger Mann, von den besten Meistern der Kampfkunst trainiert, durch Magie gehorsam und gefügig gemacht, ohne Gefühle, Schmerzen oder moralische Skrupel. Als die Waffe 16 Jahre alt ist, ist der Zeitpunkt gekommen, sie an ihren künftigen Meister auszuliefern, den Anführer der Assassinen-Gilde in der Stadt Twailin, täuschend liebevoll “Grandfather” genannt. Unterwegs geht jedoch etwas schief…  (Read the rest of the review in German here.)

What, you don’t speak German? Unfortunately, neither do we. Anne can read it with the correct pronunciation, but it’s been way too long since German class for her to understand much, so below is a translation (thank you, Google Translate). It’s not a perfect translation, since sentence structure in English and German is different, but you get the gist – he really liked the book!

Hidden deep within the fortress Krakengut Keep the mage Corillian has created the perfect weapon. A young man by the best masters of martial arts training, by magic made obedient and submissive, without feelings, pain or moral scruples. When the weapon is 16 years old, the time has come to deliver them to their future master, the leader of the Assassins Guild in town Twailin, deceptively lovely “Grandfather” called. Heading but when something goes wrong …

Initially, I did cover the expressive curious, behind which I would have expected, however, an SF story or Dark-Fantasy-/Horror-Geschichte. After the first few pages of the excerpt I was hooked and have downloaded this obvious fantasy tidbits and was not disappointed.

WEAPON OF FLESH contains everything you could want from a fantasy story only. The setting is classic and medieval, with nobles, artisans, soldiers, and of course the guild of thieves and murderers, in the shadows are on the loose and dominate the city secretly, where magic plays an important role. Incarnate weapon until the end of Geschiche has no name, and called himself “Lad” acts externally deceptively harmless – a little thin young man who has learned nothing except killing and knows nothing of life and survival. He does not even know what are father, friends and family.

His confusion affects disarming and makes him seem vulnerable and schutzbedürftigt. The pull of the story, showing the path he is treading on the lookout for his supposed destiny, you can not escape. His unsuspecting openness connected so that things initially to take them as they are, makes him very likeable and gives him soon friends among the common people, which accepted it without any ulterior motive, while the greedy and unscrupulous struggle to him at all price to get into their power and to subjugate him involuntarily.

The plot is the contrast between good and evil and the conflict, in which the young man with exceptional abilities. There are all shades of gray to deep black and profoundly evil, without moralizing or unnecessary moralizing. Many elements in play, there is also a tender love story, superior martial arts, as well as a story of a maturing despite his murderous skills actually innocent, with the primary question is whether there is ever a justification for the killing. This is embedded in a classic fantasy frame of intrigue, magic, battles and some atmospheric quieter scenes.

I drew the story captivated until the last page, and I can not wait until later this summer, the announced sequel appears. Highly recommended!

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