Wizards of the Coast Going Electronic

RPG diceAs a long-time gamer, I know how quickly you can build a library of gaming books: GM guide, players’ rulebooks, bestiaries, supplements—you name it. And living on a sailboat, I really know that sometimes there’s just not enough space to keep up. So it’s good to see Wizards of the Coast re-releasing their books in PDF format at dndclassics.com. (For background on the original decision of Wizards of the Coast to pull their PDFs, check out Chris Meadows’ blog.) Not only can you keep all your gaming info in the ether (or, at least, on your hard drive, which is nearly the same thing when you don’t have to balance yet another book on the stack), but they’re so much easier to search during game play than flipping through pages. Paizo Publishing excels at this; all their products are available in PDF format. Convenience and instant game-playing gratification with the click of a button. I’m looking forward to browsing through the old Wizard of the Coast docs, casting my memory back to those books that first drew me into RPGs. I wonder what the next generation of RPG guides will look like? Whatever form they take, I know I’ll still be gaming.

Full disclosure: I have a novel coming out with Paizo in April, but I was playing their game long before I ever wrote for them!

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