Liar’s Blade, Great Banter and a Web of Lies

Pathfinder Tales: Liar's BladePathfinder Tales: Liar’s Blade by Tim Pratt
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Tim Pratt follows an unlikely pair of reluctant heroes in this Pathfinder Tales novel. Set in the Paizo’s rich world of Golarion, the protagonist, Rodrick, a womanizing swindler with a glib tongue and a magical blade (an intelligent, speaking, enchanted blade of ice, named Hrym) take employ as mercenaries with a pair of odd employers, a zealot priest and a hunch backed sorceress, both with more lies and more secrets than any swindler could match. The swindler is swindled, and the road trip that ensues lead them to the frozen north on a quest that is, of course, one more lie in a stack so high it threatens to topple over and bury both Rodrick and Hrym in a mountain of icy deceptions.

The real gem of this novel is the witty banter between Rodrick and his icy companion, Hrym. The smart ass sword keeps the swindler dishonest, and the rogue keeps the blade, for the most part, in its sheath.

Without giving much away, the turning point of the novel is long awaited and satisfying, and the end leaves you wanting more, and subtly expecting it.

Eagerly awaiting more Pathfinder Tales from Tim Pratt!

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