Brilliant Idea for a Visually Oriented Cookbook

In fiction, it’s the twists and turns in a plot that can make an old idea stimulating. This apparently applies to cookbooks, too. Check out this article on NPR. It’s about a woman who, while listening to a friend tell her how to make eggplant parmesan, sketched out the steps instead of writing them down (not surprisingly, she’s a visual designer by trade). It makes for a brilliantly simple presentation of the recipe process (there are several recipes given in the article). Now she has fifty of her illustrated recipes being published as a cook book this fall. Congratulations to her on finding an interesting new way to present old material.


Brilliant Idea for a Visually Oriented Cookbook — 2 Comments

  1. The visual cookbook makes so much sense! I even feel like I could make the eggplant parmesan without having to look at that recipe a second time. By the way, Anne should collect some island recipes and write a cookbook herself.

    • The problem with my recipes is that they’d read:

      Mix the ingredients.
      Lick the spoon.
      Pour into pan.
      Lick the bowl

      She needs to put those pictures into her sketched recipes!

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