Dream Comes True – My Books at Powell’s Bookstore

Pirate's Honor at Powell's BookstoreIt’s always been my dream to have my books selling at Powell’s Bookstore in Portland, OR. If you’ve never been there, you MUST go if you’re ever in Portland. Not content with one large room of books, Powell’s is a maze of rooms, color-coded for genre. Cook books, near the entrance. Fantasy/sci fi—up the stairs and ramp and to the right. Travel and languages—up farther. You name it, they’ve got it. You can literally make a day of browsing. So, how excited was I to walk in and see Pirate’s Honor in the Gaming Books section. Woo hoo! The salesman even let me sign them, and pasted an “Autographed” tag on each. Yes, a real dream come true.Chris signing books at Powell's Bookstore

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