How Do You Organize Your Books?

Organizing a home library seems to be as personal a decision as actually choosing books, wines, mates, etc. National Public Radio has an article on this topic, and it’s interesting to read about how some people go about it. Their methods range from the Dewey Decimal system to color (color…really?). We have different methods. Chris is haphazard—a book comes out, a book goes in. Wherever there’s room, that’s where the book goes. Granted, we can’t carry many books on the boat, so we can pretty much look them over and see what we want. Anne, however, has this thing about categorizing. So, the books that have to go in the three cabinets are loosely organized: boating/cruising books and guides, oversized books, and writing/reference books. For everyday reading, she uses a Kindle, and at the rate she accumulates books, there has to be some sort of system. Here is where emotion comes into play. These books are categorized by genre, so she can choose according to her mood. “Do I feel like reading a mystery, biography, or perhaps listening to a Patrick O’Brien audiobook?” Watch out on the days when she chooses a book with a high body count.

What type of system (or not) does anyone else use?


How Do You Organize Your Books? — 4 Comments

  1. I catagorise my books based on a few things.
    1) Authour.
    2) Series by those Authours (eg. If an Authour has written books by different characters, then I will put those books together in Chronological order).
    3) Series (eg. All my Pathfinder Tales are together, sorted by the stories by an Authour), sorted in Chronological order.
    4) Favourite Authors and/or Books & Series. I will put my favourite Authors or Books in more accessible, or visible, bookcases, as opposed to smaller or less visible bookcases for lesser Authours.

    Even my electronic books are organized into groups in specific folders. 🙂

    • Wow, Flash, you are organized! I do tend to put authors together, and all of my Pathfinder books are in the same general area… Do you alphabetize your authors as well?

  2. I used to have them by genre, but a few months back organized by color unless they are part of a series, but I accumulate sound 30 books a month so the color organization isn’t working because I’m spending a lot of time moving books between shelves to put them on the shelves and I’ve ran out of shelves so I have turned to stacks until I figure out where to put them. Lol

  3. Thirty books a month! I am in awe, Kim. If I accumulated that many books, my home would sink! (Quite literally, since we live on a boat…) I have this image of your library as this beautiful rainbow of colors from deep red, through the spectrum, to violet. You need to post a picture!

    Thanks for the comment!

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