Necronomicon, Here We Come!

It’s been almost six years since I’ve attended a Necronomicon, my “home town” convention in Tampa/St. Petersburg, and I have sorely missed it.  You have to understand, Necro was the first convention I ever attended as a guest.  I made friends there that will last a lifetime, and I can’t wait to get back.

The dates are October 3-5, and the place is the Grand Hyatt, on Courtney Campbel Causeway.

We will have a table in the Author Alley, if you simply have to pick up a copy of one of our books, and I’ll be attending several panel discussions.  Here’s the schedule.

Friday, 1PM – Creating Fantasy and Science Fiction Worlds, with Richard Byers, Ken Shannon, Tracy Akers, and MCA Hogarth.  Come learn the tricks for creating realistic fantasy worlds.

Friday, 8PM – Writing Characters who Aren’t Exactly Human, with Glenda Finkelstein, Peter Rawlik, Lucienne Diver, E. Rose Sbin, and Iver Cooper.  Magical creatures, aliens, gods, etc. You can’t just write them as humans with gills or wings. Learn how to write very different beings.

Saturday, 9AM – Writing RPG fiction, with Tracy Zielinski, Richard Lee Byers, and Hal Greenberg.  Find out from our panelists what the ups and downs are to writing game based stories

Saturday, 12PM – Out of Left Field, with Rick Wilber, Nick DiChario, William Hatfield, Evelyn Rainey, and Jeff Mitchell.  Join us for a chat about how you mix sports and science fiction in your stories.

Saturday, 5PM – Romance with Fantasy Elements or Visa Versa, with Tracy Zielinski, Lucienne Diver, Michael L. Joy, Scott Eder, and Pamela Labud. Genre bending abounds these days. Find out what you need to know about writing romance and fantasy to appeal to romance and fantasy lovers.

Sunday, 10AM – Writing in Shared Worlds, with Tracy Zielinski, Richard Lee Byers, Eric Flint, and Timothy Zahn. Authors who write in worlds that are the location for other author’s tales tell you how this is a good thing and sometimes a bad thing.

So, drop by, play a game, wear a costume, check out a panel discussion, dance, filk, LARP, and have a great time!


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