Multitasking: The Writer with Six Brains.

So, I’m kind of busy. Hence the long time with not much blog activity.

Here’s the “to do” and “recently finished” list: I had a December 1st deadline for the next Paizo novel manuscript, got it in…on December 1st. I just finished the final edits for my second Privateer Press story, Flesh and Bone, another story focusing on one of their “iconic” characters, the very interesting Doc Killingsworth. I also have some flash fiction pieces coming up early next year for their Iron Kingdoms Excursions, and a character vignette for their “Scoundrels and Sellswords” compilation. That’s two worlds. The third is Privateer Press’ new “Level Seven”, an alien invasion conspiracy contemporary SF world. I need to get a pitch to them sometime this winter. I also just handed in a short piece to Catalyst Game Labs for a Shadowrun anthology, I have a short piece planned for Christina Styles SpirosBlaak anthology, an invitation to submit a short story for the Women in Sensible Armor anthology by Gabrielle Harbowy and Ed Greenwood that might be in my own world, a backstory for a female knight character out of A Soul for Tsing, and of course the first of the Weapon of Fear Trilogy, which is well underway.

That’s six worlds.

Maybe soon seven, if a very secret project comes through…

You may know that I like having more than one project going at a time, but I think I’m nearing the point of spontaneous combustion. I have been having little micro dreams every time I close my eyes for a little nap in which story lines are getting all muddled together. There is just too much going on in too many different places. I’m going to have to start making decisions as to what is most important, and what I’m going to have to say “no” to soon, which pains me. It is all so very cool, fun, interesting, engrossing, and just plain addicting, I don’t know if I can stop saying “yes” to new projects. I’m beginning to think a multiple personality disorder would be a good thing.

So, here’s the plan: keep it down to three simultaneous projects, and finish something up before taking on something new.


Unless it’s something really cool.

***This Author Will Self Destruct In…Three…Two…One…***

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