A Little Busy…

So, we’ve been a little busy lately…

It’s been quite a while since you’ve heard from us, and everyone needs to know what’s been keeping us so busy. Some has been writing related (many new projects and no shortage of deadlines looming) and some has been life related.

As you know from previous letters, we had a hard winter and saw more snow than I really ever want to see again. To make a long story short, we are back aboard our beloved sailing home, Mr Mac, and in the water after a very long month of hard work with repairs, maintenance, and upgrades. Suffice it to say that Chris has a whole bevy of new scars on his hands from work around the boat. One must sacrifice blood to the Boat God occasionally after all.

As for the writing projects, there are many. We turned in a draft of a new novel to the Ed Greenwood Group (a new broad-spectrum publishing effort, called the EdVerse, created by the genius who designed the Forgotten Realms world for the Dungeons & Dragons Role Playing Game). The novel is named “Dragon Dreams” and is set in the contemporary horror/fantasy world of Hellmaw. Barring catastrophes, the novel should be the second release of a huge line of books (more than 80 over many years) and other publishing efforts (music, games, anthologies, food, art…) that will come out of the EGG. Look for Dragon Dreams in November.

We have joined Legendary Games in their new Pathfinder and D&D compatible adventure path, Legendary Planets which is kickstarting right now. The setting is very “Swords & Planets” that is nothing short of galactic in scope, myriad worlds connected by magical gates, and an epic clash between good and evil. I am writing supporting fiction for the adventure path, and my first short story, The Treasure Within, was just delivered. There will be six more, one with each chapter of the project.

I am in the middle of writing two full-length novels currently: the next story for Paizo Publishing, and the long-awaited first novel in the Weapon of Fear Trilogy. The former is right on schedule. The third in the Piazo line, Pirate’s Prophesy, is finished and slated to release through Tor Publishing, Paizo’s new partner for the line in February. (Very excited about that…audio and Kindle versions!!! Yay!)  The deadline for the current book is November. Rough draft done, and some editing to go. Weapon of Fear is running behind a little. We had promised a GenCon release, but there is no way that’s going to happen. Life intruded in our writing process this winter… We’re aiming instead for DragonCon on Labor Day weekend for the release. I’ve glimpsed the preliminary cover art from Noah Stacey (Yay!) and we’re on the final edit…hopefully. This will happen, but the primary character, Mya, is being…well, Mya, which means she never wants to do what Chris wants her to do… Typical.

Other pending projects: We have a short story in the upcoming “Women in Practical Armor” From Evil Girlfriend Media coming out soon. The project will have a Kickstarter in August that I will announce. The story is titled “First Command” and involves a secondary character seen in two of my other novels. Also, we will be submitting an outline in December for a new novel with Privateer Press involving the same characters that were showcased in the novella Blood and Iron released last year. We also have been doing some short fiction for Privateer that is coming out in their Excursions series. And lastly, but far from least, we will have a short story in the upcoming Shadowrun, World of Shadows, anthology! The story is based in the Caribbean, not an often delved area of the Awakened World, and truly kicks ass… Magic and guns and violence and… Oh yeah…

So, we are incredibly busy… But no worries. We’re on it… We can do this! I hope you come along for the ride!

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