Hellmaw has Begun! A new type of publishing effort!

After long anticipation we can finally announce that The Ed Greenwood Group is launching their new publishing effort with the first novel in the Hellmaw world, Your World is Doomed.  Hellmaw is a world in which daemons have lived on Earth for thousands of years, and we are the food…

Just to give you the big picture of what a huge event this is, The Ed Greenwood Group is unlike any other publishing enterprise out there. It is the brainchild of Ed Greenwood (I bet you figured that out yourself) creator of The Forgotten Realms, of D&D fame.  It will encompass at least 15 shared world efforts of fantasy, SF, Horror, Erotica, and all of these things combined.  There are over 500 (yes that number is correct) novels slated for release, all to be accompanied by short stories, games, clothing, food, art, music…and just about anything else the Sensorium of creative minds can think up.  This effort will also pay creatives a fair percentage for their efforts, and is being globally marketed in multiple formats, languages, and types of media.

Okay, that’s a wow right there…

Here’s the cool part for me: I’m in on this on the ground floor, up to my elbows in Hellmaw from the first day Ed popped the “Would you like to be a part of this?” question.

Hell yes!

In fact, My novel, Dragon Dreams will be the second one released in the series, to be followed by Blind Justice by Erik Scott de Bie.  You can look up the publishing schedule on the Onder Librum site.

So hang on…it’s going to be one Hell of a ride!

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