Pirate’s Prophecy Release!

Pirate’s Prophecy, my third Pathfinder Tales novel for Paizo Publishing (and my first for Tor in their partnership with Paizo) Just released on just about every means possible to buy a book.  This makes me happy on so many levels!

First, hey, I love writing Pathfinder Tales! The Paizo folks are great to work with and damn nice, too!

Second, I love Pathfinder!  I’m basically getting paid to play in a world I love, and how cool is that?

Third, this is my second book release in just three months, and I am just freaking out! I’m so busy!  Yay for being busy!

Fourth, the Tor deal with Paizo will vastly improve distribution for the Pathfinder Tales!  They are out in audio (Prophecy coming soon, but Pirate’s Honor and Pirate’s Promise are already up on Audible!) as well as Kindle, Kobo, B&N… you name it!  Yay for distribution!

Fifth, just look at the unbelievable cover art! Pirate's Prophecy Preview cover Remko Troost really stepped up to the plate and knocked one out of the park! Thanks again to Paizo for finding such great cover artists!

So run out and grab a copy! Start HERE, and read some reviews from the Pathfinder Tales fans!

There’s more in the works!


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