Weapon of Pain Released!

Weapon of Pain coverThe fifth novel in the Weapon of Flesh series, Weapon of Pain, has been set free to roam the wilds of digital and print bookstores everywhere. Available in print from Creatspace or Amazon, and out in Kindle, Kobo, Nook, and itunes. This is actually the second book in the second trilogy, but don’t let that confuse you… It seems to confuse ebook listings, so we’ve gone ahead and re-listed the two trilogies as one series.

If you have not read the first trilogy, please drop by Jaxbooks and read the free excerpt of the smash hit Weapon of Flesh to give yourself a taste.

Here is the back-cover blurb for Weapon of Pain. Minor spoilers here if you have not read the previous novels… be warned.

Assassins at war…

A bloody guild war was the last thing Mya wanted.

She nearly had it all: Lady T’s endorsement as Grandmaster of the Assassins Guild, the emperor’s gratitude, and finally someone who made her feel human…

Now Lady T is dead, the emperor asks a favor that Mya dare not refuse, and Dee expects more from her than just friendship. It doesn’t help that a cabal of assassins prefers an Imperial Grandmaster over an upstart from Twailin.

What she doesn’t know is that the rebel factions want more from her than just the Grandmaster’s ring.

Everyone wants something from Mya, but how much can she give before it kills her?

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Weapon of Pain Released! — 2 Comments

  1. Do you have an idea when the next book in The Weapon of Flesh will be out? Can I be so bold as to hurry you along? Lol, just teasing. I can’t imagine all the time you two must put into writing. However, I am very anxious for the next book to come out…..so, back to being bold……

    • Yes, Weapon of Mercy will be out early this summer! Late July, at the latest, for GenCon release. We will, of course, announce it. The rough draft is done, and we’re working on edits and cover art from Noah. All is well… Thank you for the interest! Keep being bold!!!

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