Where are the Heroes?

Most SFF novels focus on heroes. What does it mean to be a hero? Here we discuss what heroes are and how we can make them fresh and original. Where are the Heroes? … More

Hybrid Publishing, A New Model

The publishing world is changing constantly in interesting ways. Listen to me (hybrid published author) publisher Michael R. Underwood from Angry Robot, and agent Joshua Bilmes from the JABberwocky Agency talk about our experiences. Download Here … More

Biology is Science Too!

My second panel discussion at Balticon was about science…real science. Biology! SF is a tech-heavy genre, but Biology is often neglected or done poorly. We had a great time and had a diverse group of panelists. Download Here … More

World Building at Balticon!

One of the best panel discussions I’ve ever done, and I finally figured out how to record! Yay!  Give a listen… How worldbuilding for RPG’s differs from that for novelists. Some great insight! Audio file   … More

The Art of Misdirection

This is something we’ve all seen clearly, the waving of hands by a magician to direct our eye away from the hand palming the card or coin. It’s simple, but surprisingly effective. Writers do this, too. We throw red herrings … More