Hellmaw: Dragon Dreams

Hellmaw from AmazonAleksi Rychenkna prefers death over life. The fossils she studies in museum repositories rarely ridicule her, belittle her, or make her feel insignificant. Unlike people. Death is her milieu, her escape, her refuge… The quiet repose of that which has passed from this earth cannot harm her.

Or so she believes.

But two things lurk in the Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology repository that may challenge that theory: the lost specimen of an creature unique to the world, and the daemon who wishes to unlock the power of that specimen. One could transform her. The other seeks to devour her and steal from her the power she has unknowingly unleashed.

Bestselling author Chris A. Jackson brings us the second HELLMAW novel, an up-close-and-personal exploration of what happens at university when brilliant researchers uncover far more than they were expecting. Will it be murder, daemons, dragons, or love?

Hellmaw Dragon Dreams

Author’s Note—HELLMAW opens up a whole new universe for me—contemporary urban fantasy with a dash of paranormal thrown in for spice. Special thanks to Ed Greenwood for inviting me to play in his new daemonic world. I love it!