Scimitar’s Heir

Scimitar's Heir coverThe sea hath no wrath like a seamage betrayed.

Cynthia Flaxal and Feldrin Brelak desperately pursue the mer who have stolen their son. They seek the floating city of Akrotia, forsaken a thousand years ago, which the mer aspire to restore to enchanted glory with the life of their child. And along the way Cynthia must persuade the powerful young pyromage, Edan, to help, not hinder, their quest.

The mer demand more of Cynthia than she is willing—or able—to give. The emperor views her growing fleet of ships as a threat to the empire. And deep within the jungle of a tiny island lurks the pirate crew of the Cutthroat, eager for revenge.

But while the Seamage of the Shattered Isles is absent, vengeful eyes turn toward Plume Isle. Sam seeks revenge against her for killing the infamous pirate Bloodwind. Parek and his pirates seek to recoup Bloodwind’s horde of treasure. The emperor seeks to bring the upstart seamage to justice for her crimes. And the cannibals seek prisoners… Camilla alone can save her loved ones from this assault, but does she possess the will to make the ultimate sacrifice?

Perils near and far threaten to destroy all that Cynthia has achieved. But little does she suspect that the greatest evil of all lurks deep in the heart of her home.

Scimitar's Heir

Author’s Note—A hat trick! Scimitar’s Heir won my third consecutive gold medal in the ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year Awards, following in the footsteps of Scimitar Moon and Scimitar Sun. Scimitar’s Heir was originally intended to the the finale of the Scimitar Seas trilogy, until my dear wife Anne came up with a fascinating plot twist. So, yes, there will be another book, Scimitar War, which will be released in 2012. Thanks, Anne!