Cheese Runners Trilogy

Welcome to the future, where the only weapon against the evil aliens is a nice, sharp Cheddar!

Do you like science fiction? Do you like humor? Do you like cheese? Of course, you do! So check out the cheesiest trilogy ever.

Conquest by the technologically superior Farfnians may have reduced Earth to a third-world planet, but humans have a secret weapon…cheese! The Farfnians are addicted, and there’s nothing like a little contraband to boost the economy.

Follow the adventures of Captain Harry Fische and the crew of the string-ship Limburger as they roar through the universe—from their clandestine cheese factory deep beneath the green fields of Wisconsin to the slimy planet of Carpool—always just one step ahead of disaster.

These novella-length stories are available as both ebooks and audiobooks.



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